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ABOUT US - Our People

Annugas Compression Consulting is a family-run business that attributes its successes to the tireless efforts and commitment of their staff.

Photo of Len Yarbrough

Len Yarbrough

Founder /
Past President (Retired)

Photo of Daron Yarbrough

Daron Yarbrough


Photo of Coralee Bailer

Coralee Bailer

Vice President /
Business Manager

Photo of Mark Burton

Mark Burton

General Manager

Photo of Tim Lalonde

Tim Lalonde

Field Operations Manager

Photo of Shawn McKinnon

Shawn McKinnon

Head Engineer

Photo of Lori Spurrel

Lori Spurrell

Office Administrator

Photo of Scott Berkholtz

Scott Berkholtz

Safety Coordinator

Photo of Paige Hallett

Paige Hallett

Q.C. / Administrative Assistant