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Annugas Compression Consulting Ltd. is improving oil and gas production with a beam gas compressor. Once installed on the walking beam of a pumpjack, the 'ANNUGAS PRODUCTION ENHANCER®' removes gas that can accumulate during oil production. By drawing off the gas and discharging it into the flowline, back pressure downhole is reduced allowing more fluid to flow out from the formation. The results can be increased production and smoother well operation.

The 'ANNUGAS PRODUCTION ENHANCER®' also allows recovery of vapors from on site processing and storage equipment, assists in decreasing gas locking situations and compress methane gas from surface casing vents into the flowline.

If casing pressure is high in relation to formation pressure, some of the free gas enters into the pump barrel causing gas locks and reducing the pump volumetric efficiency. By reducing the casing pressure on wells with low formation pressures, gas volumes entering the pump barrel are minimized and gas lock problems are reduced. The free gas is diverted into the annulus and produced with the assistance of the 'ANNUGAS PRODUCTION ENHANCER®'.

While compressors for controlling casing pressure are not new, they have not nearly reached their capabilities and potential in the field. Some models have caused problems, typically by being misapplied or installed incorrectly. When properly applied, the 'ANNUGAS PRODUCTION ENHANCER®' can typically improve oil production by about 85%. One application improved production from 6 cubic meters a day to 36 cubic meters a day - overnight.

With a totally non-lube design, there is absolutely no daily maintenance and no environmental cleanup. If a unit has operated for one year, we recommend having an ANNUGAS Service Technician come onsite to inspect and service the compressor package.

Applications for 'ANNUGAS PRODUCTION ENHANCER®' include wells with low formation pressure and low solution gas.