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The ANNUGAS PRODUCTION ENHANCER® meets or exceeds the design intent of API 618 "Rotary Compressors for Petroleum, Chemical, and Gas Industry Services"

The pressure components in the equipment meet or exceed ASME section V111 "Boiler And Pressure Vessel Code" requirements.

Materials are in accordance with the requirements of NACE MRO175.

No welding is done to heads, cylinder, top and bottom clevis or bearing swivel housings.

Engineered design has been reviewed and certified by:

Ball Associates Engineering Ltd.

Dr. Bruce E. Ball, P. Eng.

"The compressor assembly was designed on the intent indicated in API 618, and exceeds the requirements for ASME VIII, Division 1 for minimum head and shell thickness requirements at the pressure ratings stipulated by the manufacturer. The pressure limitations are determined by the mechanical performance rather than the pressure retention capability of the vessel. As a safety feature, the mounting bolts are the structural limiting feature of the compressor. The materials of construction are proprietary, but are in accordance with the requirements of NACE MR0175.

The compressor is designed to be driven by the walking beam of a pump jack. The location of installation needs to be calculated when the pump is near the pump jack manufacturer's capacity to ensure that components of the pump are not overstressed due to gas compressor installation.

There is no limitation on the operating speed of the compressor due to the compressor design. Speed limitations are based on the ratio of water to gas in the casing annulus and the downstream capacity." - Dr. Bruce E. Ball, c/o Ball Associates Engineering Ltd