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The Annugas Production Enhancer® is an engineered piece of equipment. Only Annugas Compression Consulting Ltd. Service Technicians are trained and qualified to service our equipment.

Modifying parts and not using proper nuts, bolts and washers will void your warranty and may cause personal injury.

Maximum recommended discharge pressure:

AG500 series – 550 psi

AG600 series – 400 psi

AG700 series – 300 psi

AG800 series – 225 psi

AG1000 series – 135 psi

A regulator is installed to prevent casing from going into a vacuum or to prevent excessive rod load, which can cause damages to pumpjack, compressor or both.

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When pumping unit is shut down the piston rod should be inside compressor. During winter months, methanol can be used to prevent freezing.

WD40 has been put into suction line to free piston rings. Follow next 4 steps:

Step 1 - shut pumping unit down with compressor piston on bottom.

Step 2 - shut off valves and decompress compressor.

Step 3 - take suction hose off at compressor and pour 1-2 litres in it and put hose back on.

Step 4 - open suction valve and blow WD-40 into compressor and don't start unit for 1-2 hrs.

Gauges should be put on suction and discharge to make sure compressor is working properly.

The compressor should be maintained by an Annugas Service Technician on an annual basis, cleaned inside and parts replaced if needed.

Don't leave suction valve open when pumping unit is shut down. It will become a scrubber if casing pressure builds up enough to flow gas through it. When it is started up mounting bolts may break or the piston can be pulled off. If needed a scrubber can be installed at suction inlet.

Don't lengthen stroke of pumping unit, increase pressure relief valve setting, or modify base without first calling Annugas Compression Consulting Ltd. 1-866-ANNUGAS (266-8427).

Don't oil or grease bearings, use steamer on compressor, heat trace or insulate cylinder. Don't remove compressor from pumping unit by taking cross pins out of bearing and clevis, top or bottom.

If the compressor is not needed in the field, it should be examined by an ANNUGAS SERVICE TECHNICIAN, cleaned inside and stored in a dry place.


* Recommended to service the Annugas Production Enhancer® compressor every 12 months.

* Servicing ensures the longest life span possible for all components.

* Ensures that the pressure regulator and all check valves are functioning properly.

* Only Annugas Compression Consulting Ltd. is authorized and trained to service the Annugas Production Enhancer®

* Other benefits of having Annugas Compression Consulting Ltd. perform the servicing include:

  • Annugas Technicians service over 500 compressors yearly.
  • Annugas Technicians are well trained and equipped with specialized tooling to safely and efficiently repair all aspects of the compressor installation.
  • Annugas Technicians have expert knowledge on how the compressor functions as well as assembly and disassembly of the compressor and other components in the compressor package.
  • Annugas Technicians have direct access to Annugas personnel ranging from Management to Manufacturing to Engineering for assisting in the rare or complicated situations that may arise.
  • Typically all services are performed at the lease site resulting in a fast turnaround time in getting the well producing again. Typical yearly service is performed in less than 5 hours.
  • Annugas Technicians are fully stocked with any parts they might need. No need to tear down the compressor and wait for parts for any repairs.
  • If preferred, compressors can be shipped to Annugas’ manufacturing plant in Wetaskiwin for repair. Usually not recommended due to lost production of the well while shipping and servicing occurs.

If the compressor hasn’t been serviced for an extended period of time, the compressor wear items are generally worn to the degree that there is little or no compression. This could give the impression that the compressor is no longer useful but once a service has been completed, the compressor is returned to as new condition with full compression and efficiency. If the compressor doesn’t seem to be working anymore, it is best to call Annugas to have a certified service crew perform a service.