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Better Revenues

The ANNUGAS PRODUCTION ENHANCER® is an inexpensive and efficient walking beam gas compressor. It can pay for itself in a matter of days by immediately increasing production and eliminating the expense of a redundant fuel source.

Easy Installation

Our safety qualified installers will have your ANNUGAS PRODUCTION ENHANCER® up and running in a day, practically eliminating production downtime.

Environmentally Friendly

The ANNUGAS PRODUCTION ENHANCER® uses smart technology that harnesses energy directly from the pumpjack to create gas compression. No external power source is required thereby eliminating gas emissions and reducing flaring.


Benefits of Servicing: Achieves the maximum longevity of components and ensures that the compressor is operating at new conditions. Often when a compressor hasn’t been serviced for an extended period of time, the compression efficiency has greatly deteriorated to the point where there is little or no compression leaving the impression that the compressor doesn’t work. A service by Annugas certified service technicians will return the compressor to an as new condition.